Sunday, May 27, 2007

180 Solutions a.k.a. ZANGO is some serious Malware!

As we work through the malware war of 2007, some "old dogs" think they can come up with "new tricks" to infect our machines. They think they can sue us and make us go quiet. They think they can rename their Malware and start fresh...infecting machines all over again with a clean slate.

I, for one, will not accept this. I will stand up and say "without-a-doubt" that Malware is serious and destructive, and ZANGO is Malware.

Yes, Zango shows up on your machine out of nowhere and is very hard to remove. It damages your machine and tracks your online activities and reports back to Zango.


If you have been affected by Zango in any way, why not drop a note to PC TOOLS and help them in their time of attack by Zango.

""Zango is seeking at least $35 million in damages, alleging that Spyware Doctor removes Zango's software without warning users that it will be deleted.""

If we fall for this tactic, every Malware Maker will do the same and our LIFE SAVING TOOLS will be rendered useless!

Even if you you do not use PC TOOLS' Spyware Doctor or other security products, take a stand and visit their site at and tell them about your Zango experience! If you do not want to go there, tell us about them at and CAAM ~ Consumers Active Against Malware will do the work for you and you can remain anonymous!

Monday, January 22, 2007

1987...WAIT...I mean 2007!

I think we will be hearing from many of the more mature technology companies in 2007.

With the CES show behind us and 2007 off to a strong start, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Sunbelt, Acer and several others have risen to the top of their fields as being the ones to watch!

HP is now the World's #1 computer maker, with Acer making strong strides in their laptop models. And in security, Sunbelt-Software is emerging as the winner! With a security product to match your any need. This is great news, as 2007 is going to a bit ROCKY (you have been forewarned). Rootkits hopped up on Trojans, Viruses sniffin' Spyware and Real Time Spoofs & Spams are smarter than ever. Yes, you will need STRONG security measures in 2007.

After you put everything in Lockdown Mode, you will want to start to enjoy the funner side of technology. For this, Apple has stepped up to the task. No, it's not another IPod alert, but lots of good 'ol electronic gadgets to play with and enjoy. There is something for everyone to want.

Finally, when it comes to paying for all of this stuff, you will want to be more productive at work. The clear winner here would be the combo pack by Microsoft. By incorporating the Windows Vista operating system, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 together on your new machines and network, you will be running at maximum capacity. While some beta testers have tried to run these new technology products on existing XP machines, I strongly recommend deploying them on machines with components made after Dec 2006. When deployed on new equipment, you will experience something totally different in computing today. If you buy a new XP machine, make sure it is Vista Premium Ready (not capable) and you should have a strong running machine - regardless if you plan to upgrade to Vista.

Plus, these companies won't be throwing in the side dose of malware (like some tried to do). So, enjoy the new products, and avoid the malware!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sony PS3 Privacy Alert!

Sony has released a press statement about their plans to release an update to the PS3 software for the new PS3 console that will permit gamers to the Sony Playstation Network Functions! This will allow full web surfing capabilities and downloading of still & motion imagery.

If you do not know what that means, you really should read up on it before buying one of these for your child. Networks are not playgrounds, and stuff like this puts your child at tremendous danger. Surfing the web one minute and downloading photos and videos the next is something to weigh considerably.

A PS2 is better choice (if you must) for your child, or better yet, give them the ultimate in gaming - GIVE THEM THE XBOX 360!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

CAAM! Reminder...

Companies that have been treating you like dirt with hidden malware, shoddy software and hardware that hardly hums will be seeking your money this holiday season.

Now, you have them where you want them!

They surely are hoping that your life will be to busy to remember how bad their product was. But you owe it to yourself to make credible purchases this holiday season. Shop for the very best product for the money. Products that do what they say, without worry. Products that make your life fun and functional, without the headaches. Do not get tricked into the same old trap.

Please stop and research the product and consider who you spend your money with this holiday season.

If you are up for a little holiday hoe-hum, why not send a postcard along to those companies that you will NOT be spending money with because of malware and poor customer service and plain old highway robbery!

And you might want to check out this story over at blogMachine about RFID and credit cards!

Good surfing to you.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sony still sucks!

I still feel the same way about Sony as I did six months ago. Yes, Sony still sucks! I know they have settled in court and they want us all to move on to other news - but I don't think we should. I am still finding machines infected with this Malware-Rootkit. Even when consumers find it, they have not been able scrub their machines of it.

I have been working on a easy 1-2-3 step process for my clients to follow. And after much work - I have a good work-around that can disable and remove it from your machine. I am working on the instructions and will post it at my XCP Malware webpage. It uses freeware programs (that you probably have already) to do the work and will not require computer expertise or any special skills to understand.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sony claims Victory over XCP Malware!

Sony feels they have satisfied consumers with 15 bucks worth of Sony musicware (malware), after infecting and crashing machines all over the globe!

They think all is good and we all forgive them for this slip of manners.

I think not!

Can they really think we are this stupid? Can they really think we forget so easily? I will not forget their malware manners for quite awhile and I hope that you do not as well.

The 2006 holiday season will soon be upon us once again and this is when YOU, the consumer, will have a chance to let them know how you feel about this malware infestation. We get our chance to speak and say that malware is not accepted (you can always drop in at CAAM and use the web form to tell Sony right now).

And still, Sony has not denounced the pratice of installing malware/spyware on their products; which they claim they need to do "to verify what you are doing with their products."

Take a stand this season and avoid the whole malware mess and avoid Sony! Yes, keep your machine malware free and enjoy new purchases with your hard earned money - purchases that add happiness and peace to your life and something that does not spy on you!

Sony Spyware Sucks!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Really, they did know...

I have come to the conclusion that Sony had this planned for some time now. Maybe as far back as the 2004 Holiday Season. They were having trouble finding our surfing styles, because of so many machines being cleaned of the adware infections. They wanted a way of spying on us, that the programs that we depend on, could not clean. And so they went to work looking for answers.

Their tech department offered up the word "Rootkit" and all was well, again. Or so they thought.

This is the 2005, and this kind of stuff is no longer acceptable. Freeware programs use to come bundled with malware and we would accept it as a form of "payment" to the programmer, but we don't anymore. We have not for some time now. And we won't ever again. And either will any form of malware being used by companies that we are suppose to trust.